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Contract Design

If you are building a new facility, opening new locations, or have a kitchen addition/renovation project on the horizon please contact us early so we can connect you with one of our engineers. Time is critical; please engage us at the conceptual stage. We can turn your vision into reality by creating the perfect design and layout that not only provides; efficiency, functionality, versatility but most importantly emanates the essence of your concept. Our experts are well versed in all areas of foodservice design, including but not limited to: business and institutional facilities; casinos; chain restaurants of any size or type; churches; colleges and universities; correctional and military facilities; country clubs; hospitals; hotels and convention centers; retirement communities; schools; sports venues; and theme parks. While each of our distribution centers employs onsite CAD operators, we also utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Revit which represent the newest technologies in building design. Supply America is a full service equipment and design provider, our menu of services includes: design and layout including drawings; itemized pricing for each item on kitchen equipment listing; consolidation of equipment, furnishings and supplies; installation; stainless steel fabrication; project management; and equipment start up. Don’t let your equipment & design needs keep you up at night, call us for your next project and let us show you how working with us can save you time and money.

Ingenious Designs - created with clarity of purpose, precision, and attention to detail

Planning - detailed planning is essential for successful execution